My first beam antenna, VK2AOU five élément

It performed well but was old and very heavy

 Totaly destroyed by "Klaus Storm" on January 25 2009

R.I.P Hi !


After the storm, I've bought a vertical Gap Titan.

It suit well for my home with no radials.

But it is not a well performing antenna......

I use it mainly as omni-directionnal RX antenna.


Commercial antennas are expensive and some of them not better than a dummy load !

So I decide to build my own.

My choice was a Hexbeam antenna

Light weight, small size, rugged if well built, it's seems the best for my home.

Limited space and frequent windstorm near the Altantic coast.

Baseplate is lathed aluminium.

Spreader arms made with low price fiberglass fishing rods.

The fishing rods are filled with polyurethan foam to give them high strongness and light weight

Coaxial center post is also hand made with aluminium square tubing on a Nylon insulator.

A G450C Yaesu rotor suit well for this antenna.

At work only 20 feet above poor dry sandy ground.

This antenna was perfectly matched with a mini-VNA

Hexbeam performs very well with 15/18 dB gain over the Gap Titan !

Front / back  is about 18 dB and more 20 dB at the sides

QSO the 6 "Ham" continents on 15m and 20m during only the first 3 days trying !

I'm Happy ! 


 The wires under Hexbeam are a home made FD4 (Windom) for 80m and 40m bands.

It need to be put higher, but with a 4/1 transformer and above a poor ground, it works correctly for Europe